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Waste Telemarketers’ Time (and Save Your Own) by Passing Them Off to a Robot

June 30, 2017 nitsuj

The FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry is quintessential government mediocrity. Registering a number is clunky, certain types of organizations are given a pass (like charities and political groups), and reporting a violation is a three page slog that can only be done through their website. No thanks.

Thankfully, creative entrepreneurs have filled the void with apps like Nomorobo and Mr. Number. The Sweet Setup has a good review comparing the different apps.

One particularly creative solution comes from Jolly Roger Telephone Company, which was highlighted on episode 937 of the Tom Woods Show. It’s not an app like the others, but a “robot” that you can pass telemarketers off to (either through teleconference or the “simultaneous ring” feature if your carrier supports it). The robot then carries on a very convincing conversation, wasting the telemarketer’s time and reducing the number of people they get to annoy that day.

As the cherry on top, conversations are recorded so you can repeatedly enjoy and share the hilarity that often ensues.