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McAfee Says Google "Removes Human Dignity"

July 17, 2017 invisiblehand

John McAfee on Google:

If you believe that Google is not harmful, then you must believe that the total loss of privacy and human dignity is not harmful. And please don’t get me wrong, I love Google from one standpoint; it has opened up the world to information beyond comprehension and has enriched our lives. But Google has taken the mantle of corporate conscience and sacrificed it on the altar of mammon – for money…. By making me a number, you’ve removed my human dignity. You’ve got to take that mantle back off the altar and put it back squarely on your shoulders.

Corruption and power does not come in a flash. It comes slowly. It creeps. As it creeps, the better instincts of the human animal are moved away by power itself, by money, by influence.

As I've said before, Google is only as powerful as the power we give it. But are we brave enough to quit Google?